Ken Kiesewetter

Ken Kiesewetter

Senior Real Estate Advisor



Bidding a sad farewell to our colleague and friend…

Kenneth “Ken” Kiesenwetter, 65, of Sarasota, Florida, passed away on December 1st, of a stroke caused by blood clots. His sudden death was a shock to his family, friends, and the community.

Instead of a traditional service, there will be a Celebration of Life on March 17th on Siesta Key Beach. This was Ken’s favorite day of the year and also his birthday.

Ken was an exceptional husband and father. Ken and Glenda were married for over 15 years, producing Ken’s proudest accomplishment, his daughter Wendy. Ken doted on Wendy. He was never too busy to take her to and from school each day; they enjoyed going to the beach together; and Wendy flourished with Ken’s constant love and support.

Ken never met a stranger. He was known by friends and locals as “The Mayor of Siesta Key”. He was an incredibly successful Real Estate Agent for 25+ years. He worked for Amy Robinson Real Estate since 2012.  He specialized on Siesta Key and knew more about the Condos on Siesta Key than any other agent; he was revered as an expert.

Anyone who knew Ken, knew his love for baseball- he was a baseball fanatic! He NEVER missed an Orioles game during Spring Training, he also went to the Spring Training in Ft Meyers to watch the Red Sox every chance he got. Ken was also an avid golfer. He loved to spend time outside among the beautiful scenery and wonderful people of Florida. He was quintessentially Florida!

Ken was extremely generous, no one could ever call him selfish.  He always made a nice donation out of every commission check to Operation Second Chance. He was very giving and always took great care of support staff as well.

Ken will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and community members. He was a phenomenal man who will be lovingly remembered. In lieu of flowers, donations may be given to

My Name:
Ken Kiesewetter
I am:
Hardworking, Determined, and Eager to Help those who need my Help!

I also wrote a song in Highschool with all 26 letters of the alphabet - to help me score dates. It worked!
A = Able
Z = Zestful

If you hire me as your Agent - I'll gladly serenade you when we're looking at property - I have a good voice too!
Proudest Moment:
Birth of our daughter.
Biggest Challenge:
Helping first time Buyers navigate a purchase but also the most rewarding!
Alarm Clock:
5:50 am School Days and 7 am on the weekends
Perfect Day:
Closing and handing my Clients the keys to their new home....or Closing and handing my Seller a check!
First Job:
Newspaper route and mowing lawns or shoveling snow
Super Hero Power:
X-Ray Vision
Favorite Sarasota County / Manatee County Neighborhood or Area:
Aqualane Estates
My wife and daughter.
Work and Education Background:
Notre Dame High School
Southern Conecticut College
Real Estate Agent in Sarasota since 1998 - also Real Estate Agent in Connecticut in the 1980's.
Favorite part of your job
Staying abreast of all the Market and Inventory Changes here on Siesta Key and Sarasota mainland that effect our daily real estate lives.
What do you feel like you are known for in the industry?
People call me the Mayor of Siesta Key! When I walk into a place on the Key they know me and I know them.
Dream Vacation:
A month on Siesta Key Beach. We go and stay out on the Beach 2 weeks every summer. The place where we stay is less than 2 miles from our house. But, why go anywhere else - the beaches here are perfect and Siesta Key Beach is one of the best in the world!
Town where I grew up:
Milford, CT

Milford is on Long Island Sound with beaches - but not like our beaches here.
Favorite TV Show / Movie:
TV Show:
MLB Channel - anything with Major League Baseball

The Imitation Game
Favorite Restaurant / Bar:
Mattison's on 41

Favorite Quote:
"Those who Know Don't Tell, those who Tell Don't know." Malcolm X

"Fear is the Mind Killer."
Why would I call you?
If you want an Agent with 20+ years Selling Real Estate in and around the Sarasota area - I'm your guy. I would challenge anyone that thinks they know the area better - especially the South County area and Siesta Key Condo market. I have a filing cabinet in my office that is the most comprehensive Library of Condo Docs on the Key - guaranteed!