Karen Baker

Karen Baker

Senior Real Estate Advisor




Meet Karen

Karen Baker is an accomplished business professional in the Real Estate Industry. Karen met Amy in 2009 when they both worked at a previous Real Estate company.

They instantly connected when they both realized that they share the same passion for the industry & helping others.

Karen is an exceptional & devoted mother of a daughter who is a school teacher and a son who owns a farm in Sarasota.

She has established herself as a successful Realtor through years of hard work and dedication to her customers, that has resulted in 10’s of Millions of dollars of career sales.

Karen is a tremendous addition to the team and we are certain that the benefits of this collaboration will be felt by many new homeowners and sellers throughout the Sarasota Bay Area for years to come.

My Name:
Karen Baker
I Am:
Happy, Enthusiastic, & Hard Working
Proudest Moment:
$2.4MM Realtor deal was Super Exciting!
Biggest Challange:
Narrowing my aspirations.
Alarm Clock:
8am with coffee in bed. Gradual wakeup.
Perfect Day:
Outdoors enjoying meals I’ve prepared with family & friends.
First Job:
“Guardian Photo” – Film processing for Kmart & Walmart.
Super Hero Power:
Slow Down Time – so I can accomplish more.
Favorite Sarasota County/Manatee County Neighborhood or Area:
West of Trail / Casey Key / Palmer Ranch
My children inspire me every day, in just seeing them accomplish their goals.
Work & Education Background:
Pool & Patio Store & Real Estate since 1995.
What enticed you into Real Estate:
Looking at model homes and helping others looking for their ideal home.
What do you feel like you are known for in the industry:
For being hard working & enthusiastic and enjoying the Real Estate Industry.
Favorite part of your job:
Meeting the people & trying to find their perfect home.
What do you do in your free time:
Bike Riding & Time with Family.
Favorite Local Hot Spot:
Siesta Key Beach!
Dream Vacation:
Visiting Italy or Greece as a local and/or The Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard.
Town Where I Grew Up:
Harvey, Illinois.
Favorite Restaurant/Bar:
Dry Dock on Longboat Key & Casey Key Tiki Bar
Favorite Quote:
“Tomorrow is Another Day”