Carol Trigg

Carol Trigg

Senior Real Estate Advisor



Meet Carol

Carol Trigg is an accomplished and affectionate woman who often calls her clients friends reinventing the common approach to the real estate industry by seeing customers through their own shoes making connections with clients that last a life time. Carol uses her knowledge gained working professionally in Silicon Valley traveling the world for a Japanese based company to bring sophistication and elegance to her clients. Her empathy for individuals allows Carol to create a personal approach to helping clients find the right home tailored to their lifestyle. Carol’s tenacious and determined work ethic creates a world of fabulous and fantastic results in style making her a remarkable member of the Amy Robinson Real Estate team.

My Name:
Carol Trigg
I Am:
compassionate, tenacious, empathetic, and will cry at sad moves.
Proudest Moment:
When I met my husband Ross Trigg.
Alarm Clock:
Early riser! Up by 6:00 AM.
Perfect Day:
Helping a customer find the perfect property which makes them Happy.
First Job:
Secretary to Plant Manager at General Motors, Cleveland, Ohio.
Favorite Sarasota County/Manatee County Neighborhood or Area:
Siesta Key, Palmer Ranch, Longboat Key
Helping people in all walks of life.
Work & Education Background:
Some college, worked as Sales Administrator for Japanese Company in Silicon Valley, traveled the world for the company. Best experience. Worked with dealers who sold our product. Prepared all advertising & sales material, set up trade shows in almost every state and many foreign countries.
What enticed you into Real Estate:
Retired to Sarasota, thought I died and went to heaven, sat on Siesta Key beach for about 3 months, then got bored to death. Investigated and got into Real Estate and fell in love with it.
What do you feel like you are known for in the industry:
All my clients become my friends and have been for many years. I guess they like me! I try to go more than 100% for my customers and they acknowledge and appreciate that. I get many referrals from my previous customers.
Favorite part of your job:
Working with customers to find them the perfect home.
What do you do in your free time:
Walk for exercise, listen to music, go to the Opera, shopping, eating.
Favorite Local Hot Spot:
Siesta Key Beach, happy hours all over town!
Dream Vacation:
Town Where I Grew Up:
Cleveland, Ohio
Favorite Restaurant/Bar:
Ruth's Chris