Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson

Owner / Broker, REALTOR®



Meet Amy

A consummate professional, Amy  is a high energy and highly motivated go-getter that utilizes her expert market knowledge along with her passion for all things Real Estate to deliver the BEST customer experience for every transaction she closes.

No one can ever question or doubt Amy’s genuine and obvious passion for Real Estate.  When you visit her in the office – she dances into the lobby with a smile that lights up the entire Key – she’s literally that excited to see her clients – she greets everyone of them with a big hug and kiss – it’s just who and how she is.  “I’m so grateful and fortunate to have the most amazing group of clients – I believe you attract what you put out – my clients are a joy, they’re my friends, I care about and love each and every one of them.  For me, it is the best part of my job – the best!”

Amy believes one of the most rewarding parts of moving a transaction from contract to close is Problem Solving.  “No two transactions are ever the same – ever.  There’s no secret sauce to move a contract to close, the secret is hard work combined with the best, most strategic and polished problem solving skills.  I once had a transaction that was falling apart on the day of closing because the house was offered fully furnished, and on the walk-thru a chair from the expensive dining set was missing.  My Buyer was not going to close, and wanted that unique chair with that unique set – rightfully so – he deserved it – he contracted for it.  I went to work – and found a solution (not that exact chair) – so it was a negotiation; but the Buyer, in the end was extremely happy, and still lives in and loves that house.  So, I say, every transaction has a “missing chair”.”

Consistently ranked as one of the top agents in the Siesta Key and Sarasota area, Amy continues to fine tune and strengthen her skills with every transaction.  “When I stop learning and growing in this industry, it will be time for me to move to the next thing in my life.  I am so super fortunate to surround myself with the best of the best in all aspects of our industry.  From the best Board Certified Real Estate Attorneys, to the best Lenders, the best Insurance Agents, the best Inspectors, the best Home Stager, the best Designers and Photographers.”  It’s taken Amy 12 years to establish her very short list of trusted advisors and team members – but each is an integral part of moving the transaction through from contract to close.

“This is not an easy industry – not at all.  The statistics are staggering, but the last time I checked, over 98% of new real estate agents don’t make it past year 1.  Staggering.  There’s a reason – it is NOT easy.   I have the upmost respect for my colleagues in the industry – those of us fortunate enough to make a living in this ever changing world of real estate work extremely hard – but it’s so rewarding and so worth it!  Seeing the faces of our happy clients is priceless!”

Amy holds a BBA in Marketing, and has a unique style and flair that is evident in everything she does – from her brand, to her office, to her marketing of properties – it’s all a reflection of her acute Marketing and Strategic skills combined with her love of beautiful things.  She has an eye that not many in this industry have.  She attributes this discriminating eye on her years in Corporate Marketing working under and learning from one of the premiere Public Relations and Advertising Executives in the country.

Amy’s energy, passion and creativity is a beacon to Sellers & Buyers alike.  100% of Amy’s listings SELL – 100% of the time impressively on average at or above 95.6% of list price.  Amy’s clients appreciate her depth of knowledge about our area and current market conditions which enable her to strategically position each property correctly in the market – and it’s all done with finesse and grace.  And usually, a great pair of shoes!



Family: Amy


Family: Amy


Family: Amy

My name:
Amy Robinson
My maiden name is Buffaloe - yes with an e - it's a cool name.

So my nickname was Buff or Bufffster.

My Mom wanted to name my Brother "Harry" - ha!
I am:
High Energy, Positive, Creative, Go getter, Highly Motivated and Determined
Proudest Moment:
Opening my own Real Estate Firm.
Biggest Challenge:
Opening my own Real Estate Firm!
Alarm Clock:
I’m not a morning person; so I guess that makes me a night owl
Perfect Day:
A day on the Boat with family and friends!
First Job:
Mowing lawns and handing out samples in the Grocery Store
Super Hero Power:
Wonder Woman!
Favorite Sarasota County/Manatee County Neighborhood or Area:
Siesta Key then West of Trail/Downtown
My Mother – a single Mom, who raised two children on her own, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Education while teaching full time and still ensuring we had a full and amazing childhood. She taught us values are important, be creative and imaginative, always look for the bright and positive in every situation, she taught us self-worth and self-respect and to never turn down an opportunity. She is my inspiration every day and my Hero!
Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
Texas State University
Favorite part of my Job?

My Clients! No question, hands down - my Clients! Love Love Love! I'm very fortunate; and am grateful everyday for having such an amazing clientele!

My Team! I've been so selective with who joins our team for a reason - I only want the best of the best! And, they really have to embrace my culture of Clients first - always! Also, I see my team as my clients - if they're not happy - I'm not happy!
What are you known for in the industry?
I'm a Siesta Key Expert! I've lived and worked on the key since 2003. I live on the water - so I'm well known for having an excellent acumen for all things involved with buying waterfront homes. It's not as easy as many would portray it to be - there's so many variables and nuances to consider before buying on the water.
Dream Vacation
My husband and I on a luxury yacht – starting in the Caribbean; then making our way to Capri and Portofino, then Barcelona, stopping at all of the ports throughout Europe and the Mediterranean; until we make our way to the Greek Islands.
Town Where I Grew Up
Walburg, Texas (the population when we lived there was about 250; I just googled it; and it said the population is an estimated 250...still).
Favorite TV Show and Movie
TV Show:
Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party
Below Deck

Movie: Anything with Seth Rogen or Will Ferrell
Favorite Restaurant/Bar:
My favorite restaurant is Flavio’s on Siesta Key – love their brick oven pizzas!
My favorite bar – I’m really feeling Spanish Point lately. I love going there by boat – the docks are the nicest in town – and the service is great!
Favorite Quote:
OK, I have a few:

“It is never too late to be who you might have been.” George Eliot

“If you’re not first, you’re last.” Ricky Bobby

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.” Maya Angelou

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” George Bernard

“The results you achieve you will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply” Denis Waitley

“If the ride is more fly, then you must buy.” Snoop Dogg
Why would I call you?
If you want a consummate professional who is fiercely loyal and will do whatever it takes to get the best terms for your Real Estate Sale or Purchase - call me! I also have the good fortune of having an equally professional and loyal team that is also eager to assist in any way!

What do you love about Sarasota?

Just another day on the boat in SRQ 🙂