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From Bridges to Bridges, Beach to Bay, Gulf to Golf, Boats to Carts – we have you Covered!

Amy Robinson Real Estate is a boutique real estate firm founded on sunny and spectacular Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida.

Our story goes a little like this.
One of the many reasons Amy decided to start her own firm was she was not happy with the lack of enthusiasm and passion at the “mega” firms for the Real Estate industry and business she loved. And more importantly, the culture at those firms was not one about the clients and their needs; but about the corporate culture and leadership’s needs. Amy’s belief was that the clients and agents were held in low regard; it was simply a numbers game – and she, her clients and colleagues grew tired of being just that, a number.

Fortunately, someone gave Amy a bit of great advice: “You’re not a tree; move.” And, so she did.
She hears similar feedback about the “mega” firms often, and so she shares that same advice with her Buyers and Sellers – if you’re unhappy with the level of service or anything about your Real Estate experience “You’re not a tree; move.”

Amy’s passion for real estate began when she purchased her first house at the age of 19, which then sold two years later for more than double the original price. Ultimately, Amy knew real estate was the quintessential opportunity to leverage her desire to be an entrepreneur. It had been preached to her since she was a little girl – get your education and work hard and you can do whatever you want. There are no limits, no excuses. Put your mind to it and it’s yours.

Amy learned early on clients don’t want to hear something can’t be done – they don’t want to hear the word no. Intuition helps, and being a problem solver enables her to intuitively navigate the complexities of every real estate transaction. Her unique marketing approach coupled with her desire for exceptional client service and fierce loyalty to her clients separates Amy and her team from the rest!

The flagship office of Amy Robinson Real Estate is over 2,000 square feet in the heart of North Siesta Key Village. Every surface reflects Amy’s personality. It’s a little sexy and a lot glamorous with high end finishes that include imported Italian tile and sleek Italian modern furniture, as well as state-of-the-art technology. The space epitomizes today’s modern office, inspiring in every way from the house music to the lighting and scents of lavender in the air.

Success of the team, Amy believes, comes from integrity and professionalism along with a passion for the business, as well as their clients. Known for their astute business acumen, no-nonsense approach, thorough market knowledge, and incredible work ethic offset with a light hearted attitude and iconic and whimsical brand – the pink flamingo – it all just works.
According to the National Association of Realtors, small offices of 1-5 agents make up the most offices, out numbering the big mega offices by far nationwide.

We look forward to being your partner through the buying and selling process, we’ll strategically plan and provide suggestions and solutions that ensure your experience is positive throughout the entire process.

 or two or three….it’s amazing how much love and laughter they bring to our lives.

There’s so many amazing things about the Florida lifestyle and living in paradise! One of which is Sarasota and the islands are VERY pet friendly! Much of it has to do with countless restaurants offering outdoor dining – so naturally, many invite you to bring your pets. It’s not uncommon to see locals with two or three dogs joining them for the day’s ventures – just another bonus to living here! We love our pets too – you and yours are always welcome to stop by anytime! If its treats they’re after – we have them – biscuits, bones and ice cream too – and we’ll have spa water, a cold beer, wine or champagne for you!

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Family: Amy


Family: Amy